What we do

Why do we need a Group such as the Mid North Weight of Loads Group?

We need it because overloading vehicles damage and dramatically reduce the life of our roads and bridges. This damage not only contributes to motor vehicle accidents but it also imposes a huge financial burden on rate and tax payers in funding the repairs and road reconstruction. Overloading also increases maintenance costs for truck operators. We would like to prevent this situation from happening.

How can we do this?

The first and most important solution is education. Truck operators who are unsure of how to efficiently distribute their load or of the loading capacity of their vehicle, are invited to contact any member council. A meeting with an inspector, who will provide advice, can then be arranged. The second and less favourable course of action to prevent damage will be to breach offenders. An overload offence can attract a hefty fine, so truck operators are encouraged to make sure their load is legal. Belltrees Bridge Recover trailer dog Belltrees Bridge collapsed